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Goldman Sachs:

As a company, if you ignore sustainability, you’re going to be worth less” 

Mr. Tim Fisher,

Chairman of Goldman Sachs, Asia Pacific Region

at the Integral Conversation event in Guilin, China




You Can Contribute Towards Growth of Your Company and Economic Growth......

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The PTI Group is a consulting, training, and publishing group offering professional services as well as highly practical knowlege on subjects of wide business, and societal concerns which may in turn significantly impact the business environment. 

We aim at not only enabling you to be in better position to capture the current business trends, but also help you to be more able to obtain valuable insights about the potential business opportunities, which a company or an institution may like to capitalize on.

In addition, our e-books, pure distance learning courses (PDLCs), and online exams would also enable professionals, managers, and executives of companies/financial institutions/investment managers etc. to be in an improved position to identify potential risks early, so as to be better able to minimize or avoid potential loss.

Our e-books, PDLCs, and online exams are suitable for professionals, managers and executives working in diverse areas. In collaboration with our PDLCs partners, and as our management having working exposures to different countries around the world and to various industry sectors, the e-books, PDLCs, and online exams offered by PTI are practical and international, and are developed with the objectives to adding value to you and your business.

We strive to help you to be in a better position to succeed in terms of both your career and your business via equipping you with professional, practical, current and also international knowledge. 

The PTI Group

website: www.the-pti.com

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Importance of Funding for a Company

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Goldman Sachs:`If You Ignore Sustainability, You`re Going To Be Worth Less`

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are increasingly gaining importance in the business sector -...


The Environmental, Social & Governance Expert™ (ESGE™) Programme Aug 17 Open for Enrolment

We are honoured and pleased to announce the innovative Environmental, Social & Governance Expert&t...



Cos lagging behind in environmental performance & knowledge may be left behind in terms of competitive...


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