FCRP™ – Qualifications & Awards


FCRPTM – Qualifications & Awards


Financing & Capital Raising ProfessionalTM   (FCRPTM)



FCRPTM Qualification Requirements

Upon passing both Foundation Level and Advanced Level of FCRPTM, and you are required to have three years or more work experiences in financing & capital raising for certification of FCRPTM.  Only full time work experiences are acceptable.

Work experiences must be fulfilled within 7 years upon passing both levels of examsIf course participant have not fulfilled experience requirements &/or provide necessary proof within the required period, the assessment/exams results would expire for FCRPTM certification purpose. However, you would still receive Post-graduate Diploma of IPE-Paris.

In addition, when submitting application for certified FCRPTM designation, you have to:

(I) Confirm compliance to Undertaking Declaration Statement (UDS)

(ii) Pay application fee for certified FCRPTM designation / IPMA membership.

(iii) Pay annual membership fee for IPMA.

Certified FCRPTM


Upon passing both levels of FCRPTM, fulfilment of qualification requirements mentioned above, and subject to our approval, you would become a certified Financing & Capital Raising ProfessionalTM or certified FCRPTM and would be able to use the designation Financing & Capital Raising ProfessionalTM or FCRPTM.



Post-graduate Diploma


Upon completion of FCRPTM Programme, course participants would also be awarded Post-graduate Diploma by IPE Management School of Paris.



Membership of IPMA


Upon certified as FCRPTM, you would become Member of IPMA (MPMA). After becoming MPMA for 5 years, you can apply for upgrade to Fellow Member of IPMA (FPMA), subject to our approval.

FPMAs currently also at senior executive level are eligible to apply for  Honorary Fellowship with IPMA.

Once become a member of IPMA, you are eligible to join the IPMA global community. You may receive news about IPMA & its Collaborating Partners‘ selected activities around the world, such as global conferences, regional conferences, executive trainings, management trainings etc.

All types of membership of IPMA are subject to payment of application fee, and annual fee, our approval, as well as 30 hours CPD etc.