Our Other Distinguished Experiences

Our Other Distinguished Experiences

– Raised funds successfully from private equity for total amount over USD1 billion cumulatively

Independent Non-executive Director (INED) of a few listed companies in HK

Head of Equity Capital Market of an international investment bank

– Member of Investment Committee of sizable investment banks

Head of Department of an investment bank

Head of Asia Pacific Performance Management, an international bank

– Attorney-at-Law at Zhong Lun Law Firm, Han Kun Law Firm, Grandhall Law Firm, 3 renowned law firms in China

– Associate Professor, School of Economics & Management, Tsinghua University, China

– Adjunct Associate Professor, EMBA, HKUST Business School, Hong Kong

– Chairman, Venture Committee, Hong Kong Venture Capital and Private Capital Association (HKVCA)

– Chairman, The Asian General Chamber of New Retail

– Member, HKTDC Innovation and Technology Advisory Committee