The FCRP™ Assessment Policy

The FCRP™ Assessment Policy (v. 2.0)

10 February 2020


The Financing & Capital Raising Professional™ Programme Assessment Policy (The FCRPTM Assessment Policy) governs assessment-related matters for The FCRPTM Programme.


Focus of The FCRPTM Programme is on course participants’ ability to understand & analyse the business case, & apply relevant financing & capital raising knowledge under real business setting, rather than solely memorising.

In view of this, each module under The FCRPTM Programme is assessed by two Course Reflection Assignments, and one open-book online exam or project.

Both the Course Reflection Assessment, project and Online Exam question papers and answer scripts of The FCRPTM Programme are governed by The FCRPTM Programme Assessment Paper Policy.

To ensure fairness, course participants are NOT allowed to disclose his/her name,&/ or identity, &/or any other information regarding his/her identity in answer script.


Misconduct & Plagiarism


Each course participant is expected to uphold high level of honesty & integrity. Any dishonest behaviour, including but not limited to submitting another person’s work as his/her own, asking another person to complete any Course Reflection Assignment, copying another participant’s answer (or any part of it), or plagiarism etc. can render the participant disqualification from The FCRPTM  Programme altogether.

In case of misconduct &/or plagiarism, any course(s) not taken, projects and assignments (whether or not yet submitted) by the participant would become void, and any fee paid would NOT be refundable, transferrable, nor assignable etc.


Intellectual Property Rights


The assessment papers (including Course Reflection Assignment, Online Exam, and project) and any questions contained therein and answer scripts of The FCRPTM Programmer belong to PTI &/or Our Pure Distance Learning Course Partners (PDLC Partners) &/or the relevant intellectual property or copyright owner.

No one should be allowed to, whether by handwriting, through your computer, electronically, hardcopy or by any means, downloading, printing, copying, taking any picture, reproducing, imitating, saving, making a duplicate copy in any way, or in any format, or using any tool, distributing, disseminating, selling, reselling, renting, leasing, transferring, assigning, licensing, or sublicensing our study materials, assessment questions or answer sheet/screen, without our prior written consent.

If you breach the intellectual property or copyright of PTI &/or any of Our PDLC Partners &/or any third party, the legal owner of the intellectual property (including PTI &/or IPMA, &/or third party) reserve(s) the rights to pursue legal action against you.


Handling of Marked Answer Scripts


Marked answers will not be returned to the course participant. PTI &/or Our PDLC Partners reserve the rights at our sole and absolute discretion to determine the way of how the marked answers will be maintained or destroyed, without any obligation to inform nor obtain consent from the course participant.


Deemed Misconduct & Violation Activities


Failure to observe any of the policies of The FCRPTM Programme can be or deemed to be misconduct & violations of The FCRPTM  Code of Conduct and could disqualify the course participant for the assessment in question as well as ALL other assessments & courses.

Going forward, such course participant could be declined for any re-enrolment of The FCRPTM Programme.


Pertaining to Post-graduate Diploma, please also refer to Student Handbook of IPE Management School of Paris (IPE-Paris), available to you upon successful enrolment.  In case of discrepancy, the stricter rule(s) will generally prevail. However, we reserve our rights to exercise discretion to decide which rule(s) to apply.


The FCRP™ Assessment Policy may be revised from time to time on an ongoing basis without any notice to you, and is deemed to have come to your notice from the time the revised version is posted on our website, and will be binding on you immediately.