FCRP™ – Progression & Career Prospects

FCRP™ – Progression & Career Prospects


Financing & Capital Raising Professional™ (FCRP™)




For admission to FCR Online MBA, graduates of FCRP™ are eligible to claim exemptions for maximum 4 modules, subject to exemptions requirements:

(1) You should have passed WHOLE FCRPTM Programme.

(2) However,  exemption for FCR Online MBA can still be claimed, even though you have not yet certified as FCRPTM.

(3) You should have passed FCRPTM Programme within 2 years prior to application date of FCR Online MBA.

(4) For each module, minimum overall assessment of 60% have been attained.

(5) Each subject is assessed individually & approval for exemption is granted on separate basis.

(6) Approval by PTI & Our PDLC Partners.

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Career Prospects


Certified FCRP™s are expected to possess practical skills and expertise in financing & capital raising. With anticipated ability to steer, & manage financing & capital decisions, FCRP™s should be able to help laying more solid foundations for their cos to thrive. Significant contributions made to their cos are envisioned to increase chances for FCRP™s  to escalate career ladder & achieve success.

As knowledge & skills of our FCRP™ Programme can be applied to different industries, qualified FCRP™s may widen career choices.