IPMA Background

IPMA – Background


International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) of UK

The International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) of UK is a long-established globally renowned international examining, and professional body with vision of improving managerial performance. IPMA seeks to enable participants to better able to cope with challenges, & deliver results especially under impact of new technologies & techniques, & upholds high standards of management skills for candidates and members.

IPMA has been collaborating with various management schools, business schools, universities, institutions, training centres etc. globally.

Reflecting IPMA’s professional standards, graduates / students of The Certified International Professional Managers (CIPM) Qualifying Examinations are granted direct entry / exemptions for International Executive MBA, and MBA. Examination scheme of CIPM has been benchmarked against UK National Quality Framework (NQF).



Course participants have to note both The FCR Online MBA and FCRPTM are programmes different and separate from The CIPM Qualifying Examinations of IPMA.

Currently, a certified FCRPTM is only entitled to exemption of our FCR Online MBA awarded by IPE of Paris, but  NOT any other programmes of any business schools, management schools, universities etc.

For FCR Online MBA course participants, after completing the same 4 modules as the FCRPTM  Curriculum, you can apply to certify as FCRPTM.