Online Overseas Internship in 70+ Countries – For Undergraduate & Master Degree Students

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(All course fees are in USD)


(The fees represent all-in fees including internship & career-path courses.) 








As one of participating cos for QS Global Employer Survey of QS World University Rankings for 4 years, our Co is well aware of importance of internship for university students in future job search.

Nowadays, employers of fresh university graduates do not just look for excellent academic results & extra-curricular activities, having relevant internship experience would raise employability of students. However, obtaining internship successfully is extremely competitive & always much bigger number of students looking for internships than internships available.

To give students better internship opportunities & improved future career prospects after graduation, we offer Online Internship opportunities for university Undergraduate & Master Degree students.

The fees paid also include career-path relevant courses for your ideal job & to jumpstart getting equipped with skills needed for your future desired job industry, & take up relatively more technical tasks, which is usually not available to interns – Assuming student is taking Completed Mode (pls see Career-path Courses below)


Countries of Hiring Cos

70+ countries, subject to availability to due to time zone differences between  hiring co & student’s location


Note: Students can choose up to 3 countries, but we do NOT guarantee a specific country. Country of online internship is allocated per student’s choices on best-effort basis and at our sole discretion.


Advantages of Our Online Internship Program
  • International online internship exposure can enhance CV, employeability & better future career opportunities.
  • For students, potentially more in-depth experiences on desired career, & can jumsptart career development, when joining job market after graduation.
  • Career-path relevant courses would mean earlier technical skills acquisition, & enable students to take up more technical tasks, which are usually not available to interns
  • The internship usually include specific work projects, instead of just nitty-gritty kind of work, so students can “taste” the real-life working experiences of such job.
  • For universities, higher employment level of students when graduate would mean easier to attract new students in future
  • Standard letter issued by PTI (as service provider of this Online Internship Program), certifying student has joined the online internship.


Internship Duration

8 weeks


Hours need to Work per Week

10, 20, or 30 hours per week – At student’s choice


Total Internship Hours

80 Hours



No salary would be payable by the hiring co., as quite a lot of costs is involved in organising, & arranging the online overseas internship for students.


Industry Sectors of Hiring Cos
  1. Business
  2. Computer Science & IT
  3. Engineering
  4. Entrepreneurship & Start-up
  5. Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  6. Finance
  7. Marketing


Hiring Co

Students can apply for the internship postings they like. However, NO guarantee of co name, OR co size.


Career-Path Courses


For details of each Course listed, pls. click on the course below. Career-path relevant courses – 2 modes:

  1. Parallel Mode (taking the course during internship), or
  2. Completed Mode (complete the courses first, before starting internship)

Note:  The mode can be chosen by student, after payment


Courses Required
1.   Business

Business Analytics with Excel

Tableau Online Course 

2.   Computer Science & IT

Data Science with Python


3.   Engineering

Introduction to Cyber Security

AWS Technical Essentials

4.   Entrepreneurship & Start-up

Business Analytics with Excel

 Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Online Course

5.   Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Intro to Data Analytics

Tableau Online Course 

6.   Finance

Intro to Data Analytics

Business Analytics with Excel

7.   Marketing

Advanced Social Media Marketing Online Course 

Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Online Course 

Job Interview 

Job interview is required by hiring co. & support services for job interview would be provided to students.


Language of Internship



Submission of CV

CV of student should be sent within 4 weeks after payment.


Procedures to Arrange Internship
  1. Register an login a/c at our website
  2. Make payment
  3. Submit CV – Needs to send within 4 weeks after payment.
  4. Prepare self-introduction video
  5. Send available Internship postings to Students – 2 to 4 months after receipt of CV.
  6. Student to apply for internship he/she desires
  7. Job interview will be arranged, if hiring co is interested in your CV (Note: Support  services for job interview will be provided to students)
  8. Upon successful job interview, student can start the internship


Support Services for Students
  • Online internship job interview support service
  • Standard letter issued by PTI certifying student has joined our Online Internship Program



Any student enrolling in our Online Internship Program would receive a free copy of any one of below Career Guides in:

  • AI
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Security


Benefits of Our Courses         

For benefits of our online courses, pls click here.


Customers’ Feedback for Our Online Courses
  • Practical content
  • Salary rise
  • Help improve job performance
  • Enabling change of career path
  • Great Partner for Employee Skills Development Program


Pls click here to view detailed Customers’ Feedback for our online courses.


Term & Conditions
  1. This Online Internship Program is available for students physically located outside China ONLY, due to regulatory requirements.
  2. Students can choose up to 3 preferred countries, & will be allocated based on best-effort basis, as determined by PTI &/or our Partner at our sole discretion
  3. Students can choose the industry. However, student can NOT choose any specific co. nor co size (E.g. a student’s request for hiring cos which are big cos only would NOT be accepted).
  4. For each internship, job interview is required by hiring co. Support services for job interviews would be provided to students.
  5. This Online internship Program includes upto 3 job offers ONLY (“Job Offer Ceiling”). If a student rejects 3 Online Internship Offers from Hiring Co(s) cumulatively, the Online Internship Program would terminate for that student. To apply for another internship, the student would need to make another payment & the Job Offer Ceiling would count all over again.
  6. If the quota is full earlier, we may stop accepting payment & application prior to Closing Date
  7. Depending on further availability of internships, we may but do NOT guarantee increasing the final quota, as determined at sole & absolute discretion of PTI.
  8. This courses are online courses offered through webinar, & is a pure distance learning course (PDLC) which are not subject to registration requirements in HK.
  9. We reserve the right to replace any of our courses, &/or  revise &/or change any of the course content &/or instructor  & /or change our T & Cs, at our sole & absolute discretion, without prior notice to learner.
  10. Subject to T & Cs of our online courses & other courses



Course Features

  • Students 0 student
  • Max Students100
  • Duration50 hour
  • Skill levelall
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take course10000
  • Career-path Courses for each industry: Pls click on the link to view course details.


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