FCR Online MBA – Assessment

FCR Online MBA – Assessment


For Each Module


For each of 8 modules, assessment for FCR Online MBA consists of:

• Two Course Reflection Assignments, based on practical business cases and

• One open-book Online Exam, or project. Major objectives: To assess participant’s ability to apply practical knowledge & problem solving skills under real business setting.



For the Whole Programme in Final Year


In the Final Year, you need to submit the Final Year Project.  The dissertation requirements and specifications are:

• Submission within 12 weeks after start of Final Year Project/dissertation module.

• The dissertation module is core module of The FCR Online MBA Programme, and participants are expected to exhibit achievements of learning of the whole FCR Online MBA Programme.


Before you commence your dissertation,  you will have to present a Dissertation Proposal with maximum of 1,000 words, covering:

• Topic of dissertation

• Relevance of the topic with regard to The FCR Online MBA Programme

• Abstract of the dissertation etc.


The Dissertation Proposal will be moderated and approved by a member of academic staff of IPE Management School Paris, in conjunction with PTI.

Pls. also refer to IPE Student Handbook, available upon successful enrolment