FCR Online MBA – Application

FCR Online MBA – Application

To apply for Online MBA, please email completed Enrolment Form to fcr-online-mba@the-pti.com. Application fee is payable, non-refundable irrespective of application results.

If your application is successful, you would be notified to pay course tuition fees.

Each year, two intakes with respective deadline:



Upon Completion of The FCRP™ Programme


Similarly, graduates of Financing & Capital Raising ProfessionalTM Programme are exemptible for up to four modules of FCR Online MBA’s eight modules.

Exemption requirements re FCRPTMALL of below have to be fulfilled concurrently:

(1) You should have passed WHOLE FCRPTM Programme.

(2) However,  you can still claim exemptions for FCR Online MBA, even though not yet fulfilled qualification requirements & not yet certified as FCRPTM.

(3) Passed FCRPTM Programme within 2 years prior to application date of FCR Online MBA.

(4) For each module, minimum overall assessment of 60% have been attained,

(5) Each subject is assessed separately & exemption is approved on independent basis,

(6) Approval by PTI & Our PDLC Partners.


Entry Requirements


(1)  21 years old or above; and

(2) (a) University undergraduate degree, or

(b) 2 years or more full-time working experiences