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Environmental, Social & Governance Expert (ESGE®)

– An Essential ESG Course for Everyone & Every Co


Environmental, Social & Governance Expert (ESGE®) is a relatively comprehensive and fundamental ESG course covering the core topics of ESG from various perspectives – Everyone or every co cannot afford to miss.

ESGE® covers:

1) Basics of Environmental Risks 

2) International Conventions re Emission

3) ESG impact on Value Chain

4) ESG Data Handling & Reporting

5) Green Investing & Green Bonds

6) Emission Trading



The coming course will start on 1 May 2023 and will be offered on ongoing basis.



20% off till 28 February 2023 (Discount Code: KWSJUXNH)




Total 30 hours (24 hours online videos + 6 hours of online  live tutor-led virtual classes (LVCs))



Held each month. If learners not available, they can take the courses at next batch.



Focus on practicality. 2 case studies + short questions re practical application to the learner’s organisation


Access to the Course

6 months validity after enrolment


You are kindly reminded Environmental Social Governance Expert (ESGE®) Programme is an online pure distance learning course and is not subject to registration requirements in Hong Kong.