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Practical Introduction on Career in New Technologies – Certificate Awarded by IPMA of UK

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Course schedule
2 December 2023 (Saturday)  11 am-1 pm & 2:30-4:30 pm
9 December 2023 (Saturday)  11 am-1 pm & 2:30 -4:30 pm
16 December 2023 (Saturday)  11 am-1 pm


Course Description

In the Digital Age, new occupations emerge at the backdrop of prevalent technologies including AI ,Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Big Data, etc. Different job opportunities demonstrate their potential in recent years.

This course begins with an overview of the new tech industry, then takes you through the recent development, availing job opportunities (including, but not limited to, job duties, pros and cons) and the skills required. Job interview skills will be highlighted to shed light to students in their job hunting endeavour.

If you plan to embark on a career in new technologies, this Course is a course you shouldn’t miss.

Practical Career Planning Certificate Course is an online course via live webinar with certificate issued by The International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) of United Kingdom. 


About the Speaker
  • With over 25 years of Tech and Corporate Training Experiences for FIs & Cos in HK & Macau, Mr. Benny Yim is both a technology practitioner and a veteran digital and technology management trainer for banks, FIs, and companies in HK.
  • In quite a number of occasions, Benny was invited to take lead of technology-related workshops and training for regulators in HK, including HKMA, SFC, Insurance Authority, etc., which is a well-regarded recognition of his technology expertise in the financial sector.
  • He is currently the CEO of an asset management company with primary focus on investment in the technology market.
  • Benny is also sitting at the Examination Board of the HK Institute of Bankers
  • He has also trained 30+ banks, insurance cos, multi-national cos etc. in HK and Macao, including coaching sessions to C-suite executives & has also given sharing sessions at tech cos and forum
  • Mr. Benny Yim was once the Chief Data Quality Analyst of a HK note-issuing bank and held senior positions of strategic information management in another note-issuing bank


Qualifications of The Speaker
  • Institute of Financial Accountants -Fellow Member (FFA)  / Institute of Public Accountants – Fellow Member (FIPA) / Certified Management Accountant (CMA) / Master of Science – MS. eBusiness Management (CU of HK)
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Industrial Engineering Leaders of Learning Certificate (Harvard University)
  • The Analytics Edge (MIT) / Transformation Business, Society and Self with U .Lab Certificate (MIT)
  • Foundations of Data Analysis (The University of Texas at Austin)
  • Data Analysis for Life Science (Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences)
  • Data, Analytics and Learning Certificate (The University of Texas at Arlington)
  • Networks and Crowds Certificate (Peking University)
  • Introduction to Global Hospitality Management Certificate (Cornell University)
  • Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making (Delft University of Technology)



Total 10 hours including Q & As


Course Delivery

Live webinar


  • Enhance highly practical knowledge & skills in planning your career in new technologies
  • Gain an essential update of the tech industry & job market
  • Grasp an fundamental understanding of how new technologies can create value for cos
  • Learn from sharing of the Instructor’s successful work & highly seasoned training experiences in technologies, including training & coaching many C-suite executives of 30+ cos / banks etc.
  • Learn how to sharpen your skills in job interview for new technology job openings.
  • 3 complimentary Career Guides of your choice
  • HKD460 (or USD60) coupon for next purchase (minimum purchase HKD4,000 (USD500)
  • Opportunities to work at our Co as short-term staff, with work exposures to diverse job duties (multiple openings)
  • Certificate awarded by IPMA of UK


Skills to be Learned

Obtain understanding of:

  • Overview of major job opportunities in new technologies
  • Recent developments & industry trends in job markets of new technologies
  • How new technologies can create value for cos
  • Duties of major job opportunities in new technologies sector
  • New technologies market update


Award upon Successful Completion

Attendance Certificate issued by International Professional Managers Association of UK


Awarding organisation – IPMA of UK

The International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) of UK is a long-established globally renowned international examining, and professional body  with 25+ years of history. IPMA seeks to enable participants to better able to cope with challenges, & deliver results especially under impact of new technologies & techniques.

IPMA has been collaborating with various management schools, business schools, universities, institutions, training centres etc. globally.

Reflecting IPMA’s professional standards, graduates / students of The Certified International Professional Managers (CIPM) Qualifying Examinations are granted direct entry / exemptions for International Executive MBA, and MBA. Examination scheme of CIPM has been benchmarked against UK National Quality Framework (NQF).


Learning Outcomes
  • Get a glimpse of new tech industry Overview, including major areas, e.g. AI, blockchain, data analytics etc.
  • Understand the major job opportunities for new tech
  • Enhance awareness in major skills & professional designations in technologies, including international professional designations
  • Obtain basic understanding of some common job openings, job duties, skills requirements, pros & cons etc.
  • Gain from sharing of seasoned tech instructor re tech industry update, market trends, job market update, & job interview tips


Who Should Enrol
  • High school students
  • University students
  • Young people aged 25 or below



No prerequisites required.


Course Overview
  1. Industry Overview of New Technologies in The Digital Age
  2. Job Opportunities for New Technologies
  3. Major Skills & Professional Designations
  4. Some Common Job Openings – JDs, Skills Required, Pros & Cons etc. – Part I
  5. Some Common Job Openings – JDs, Skills Required, Pros & Cons etc. – Part 2
  6. Some Common Job Openings – JDs, Skills Required, Pros & Cons etc.  – Part 3
  7. Industry Update & Market Trends
  8. In what way New Tech is creating value to organisations  & Job Market Update
  9. Interview Tips – Some Examples
  10. Q & A



Complimentary Offers


1. Choose any 3 Career Guides
  • Artificial Intelligence Career Guide
  • Blockchain Career Guide
  • Machine Learning Career Guide
  • Data Science Career Guide
  • Cloud Computing Career Guide
  • Cybersecurity Career Guide
  • Digital Marketing Career Guide


(Upon enrolment, pls email your choice of 3 Career Guides. Our email address will be provided in Receipt upon your enrollment)


2. HKD468 (or USD60) coupon for next purchase (minimum purchase HKD3,900 (USD500)


3. Attendance Certificate awarded by IPMA of UK


4. Opportunities to Work at PTI as short-term staff, Gaining Exposures to Diverse Job Duties (Multiple openings)

Depending on suitability & for a limited number of students, learners may have opportunities to join PTI to work with us as short-term staff for 2 months, extendable for a longer period, depending on performance.

The learners have to be physically present in HK & fulfil the regulatory conditions & requirements of working in HK.

PTI has sole discretion & reserves the right to make final decision to determine suitability of  learners for our internship, & whether their job application at our Co is successful.




(1) This course is an online course offered through webinar, & is a pure distance learning course (PDLC) which is not subject to registration requirements in HK.

(2) We reserve the right to revise/change any of the course content &/or instructor at our sole & absolute discretion, without prior notice to learner.

Course Features

  • Students 1 student
  • Max Students200
  • Duration10 hour
  • Skill levelall
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take courseN/A
  • 1. New Tech Industry Overview

    This introductory session would give an general overview of the new technology industry, such as AI, blockchain, big data, cyber security, cloud computing etc.

  • 2. Major Job Opportunities for New Tech

    For each major area of new technologies, such as AI, big data, cloud computing etc., the Speaker would discuss the common job openings.

  • 3 Major Skills Requirements & Professional Designations for New Tech Sector

    This session will cover: What are the major skills needed to work & blossom in the new tech industry? Various professional designations, including international designations would also be covered.

  • 4. Some Common Job Openings - JDs, Skills Required, Pros & Cons etc. - Part I

    This Session is first part of a 3 parts series & will discuss the common job openings, job duties, skills requirements, pros & cons of the role etc.

  • 5. Some Common Job Openings - JDs, Skills Required, Pros & Cons etc. - Part II

    This Session is second part of a 3 parts series & will discuss the common job openings, job duties, skills requirements, pros & cons of the role etc.

  • 6. Some Common Job Openings - JDs, Skills Required, Pros & Cons etc. - Part III

    This Session is last part of a 3 parts series & will wrap up discussions re the common job openings, job duties, skills requirements, pros & cons of the role etc.

  • 8. In What Ways New Tech is Creating Value to Organisations & Job Market Update

    Learners would get better understanding in how the new technologies can create value for cos. A brief update on the tech job market would also be provided.

  • 9. Interview Tips for Jobs in New Tech - Some Examples

    As reference for job seekers, this Session would give some examples on interview tips for some job openings in new tech sector.

  • 10. Q & A

    Live Question & Answer Session by The Speaker


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