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Essentials of Generative AI, Prompt Engineering & ChatGPT

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Course Description

This course thoroughly explores Generative AI models, specifically emphasizing ChatGPT, including:

  • Comprehensive overview, basics & power of generative AI, explainable AI, prompt
    engineering, & ChatGPT
  • Different types of AI models, applications, prominent Generative AI tools, ChatGPT
  • How to get started with & fine tune ChatGPT, & how to use ChatGPT for
    different tasks
  • Monitoring & debugging ChatGPT
  • Ethical, security and privacy considerations of using ChatGPT,
  • Future of generative AI


Update – Despite IT slowdown, high demand for GenAI courses: Simplilearn CEO, PTI’s global partner

total of 300,000 learners have taken our online Generative AI courses within 1 year in India!  Simplilearn, a global partner of PTI, reported a 195% Year-on-Year increase in demand for GenAI courses in India in Q1 of 2024. Simplilearn has seen over 300,000 professionals skilled in GenAI through the firm’s various programmes over the past year.
Companies are rapidly adopting GenAI in areas like content writing, workflow and process automation, customer support, & data analysis.

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Learning Outcomes
  • Acquire solid foundation in Generative AI models, encompassing
    core principles & various models.
  • Grasp concept of explainable AI, understand its importance,
    & distinguish between different approaches for achieving explainability
    in AI systems.
  • Utilize effective prompt engineering techniques to enhance performance
    & regulate behavior of Generative AI models.
  • Develop comprehensive understanding of ChatGPT, including
    operational mechanisms, notable features, & limitations.
  • Explore a range of applications & scenarios where ChatGPT can be
    effectively utilized.
  • Master fine-tuning techniques to personalize & optimize ChatGPT
  • Recognize ethical challenges of Generative AI models to ensure
    responsible data usage, mitigate bias, & prevent misuse.
  • Comprehend transformative potential of Generative AI across
    industries & explore prominent tools.
  • Gain insights into future of Generative AI, challenges, & necessary steps to unlock its full potential


Topics Covered
  • Generative AI & Landscape
  • Explainable AI
  • Conversational AI
  • Prompt Engineering
  • Designing and Generating Effective Prompts
  • Large Language Models
  • ChatGPT and its Applications
  • Fine-tuning ChatGPT
  • Ethical Considerations in Generative AI Models
  • Responsible Data Usage and Privacy
  • Future of Generative AI
  • AI Technologies for Innovation


Awards upon Successful Completion

Certificate issued by Simplilearn


Awarding Organisation



Who Should Enrol
  • Anyone interested to enhance knowledge in how to use Generative AI models, including ChatGPT, to perform different tasks
  • Working professionals interested to leverage Generative AI models & ChatGPT to  improve work efficiency
  • Managers or executives who need to aware of challenges & ethics in using Generative AI models, including ChatGPT
  • IT & tech professionals
  • Analytics managers leading a team of analysts Information architects who want to gain expertise in Generative AI
  • Educators, teachers or students who intend to obtain better understanding of Generative AI models & ChatGPT
  • Users of Generative AI models, including ChatGPT, interested in how to fine-tune Generative AI models & improve its performance
  • Anyone interested in Generative AI models & its future, including ChatGPT


Course Overview

1. Introduction to Generative AI

2. Getting Started with Generative AI

3. Prompt Engineering

4. Fine-tuning ChatGPT

5. OpenAI Playground App

6. Advanced ChatGPT


Access Period of Course

1 year from date of enrolment



*Note: We reserve the right to revise/change any of the course content &/or instructor at our sole & absolute discretion, without prior notice to learner. Subject to our Terms & Conditions

Course Features

  • Students 0 student
  • Max Students100
  • Duration12 hour
  • Skill levelall
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take courseN/A


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